Worldwide, most of the devices in the market have been rendered insecure by the latest WPA2-KRACK or key re installation attack discovered by Mathy Vanhoef , original whitepaper is located at:

Youtube video demonstrating the technique:…

Subscribe to our channel and follow us on social media as we review existing devices and patches as they come available, it might take years to correct and patch all devices worldwide as manufacturers are slow pushing upgrades.

Every time we correct one of my clients devices, we will make a video so you can stay informed of the progress patching this vulnerability.

************Videos on Ubiquiti Unifi Access Points*************

Patching Ubiquiti Unifi AP manually via custom firmware

Patching Ubiquiti Unifi WiFi AP automatically via rolling upgrade

Manually Ubiquiti Unifi via secure shell host (SSH) and Secure Copy Protocol (SCP)

WPA2 KRACK – Ubiquity Unifi – patching wireless access points to latest version using manually

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