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Cubano en Los Angeles, California. Technology geek in charge of an IT company, follow me on my daily client meetings and routine to gain a grasp the life of an IT professional in LA. Cuban in Los Angeles, California, Dedicated to Information Technology, Science, and other small enterprises. Vlogging from California, USA just for the fun of it , share the life of a Caribbean immigrant on one of the world's biggest Megapolis where the world's cultures melt and fuse in a rich culture enviroment. I will be creating several channels to share my experiences, knowledge and life with whoever decides to watch and stay tuned.

Wireless to wired printing


A few requirements to make this setup permanent, Make sure your printers or resources you would like to make available on the SonicWall for wireless printing and wireless access have a static IP address assigned, either manually or via DHCP reservation. In my specific case, I would like to make available these two Sharp printers with IP and for printing from WIFI connected devices. This will ensure that the wired printers do not change IP address latter on and that this wireless printing setup stops working Let's open the SonicWall web console and login with your SonicWall [...]

Wireless to wired printing2019-09-24T12:25:39-07:00

How to configure Small Business SSL VPN to enable remote user access


  Small Business SSL VPNs is one of the most used methods of allowing Remote Small Business Users to connect to the SonicWall (or other firewalls)  and access internal network resources. Today I am going to show you how to setup and use a SSL VPN Connection and how to connect using NetExtender, the Small Business SSL VPN client. Sonicwall Small Business VPN firewalls come by default licensed for a maximum of 2 users connecting remotely over a SSL VPN and you can buy more licenses ,should you need more users connecting to your intranet resources. First, login to [...]

How to configure Small Business SSL VPN to enable remote user access2019-09-17T14:48:26-07:00